Railroading Shenanigans

Hyce is a YouTube channel created by Mark “Hyce” Huber focusing on railroad history and technology. Whether explaining how a steam locomotive functions, cooking a pizza in the firebox, or getting into shenanigans in a train video game, you’re sure to laugh and learn.


Learn from Hyce as he explains real-world railroad technology and concepts.

Watch as the Hyce crew gets into shenanigans in video games like Derail Valley, Railroads Online, and more.

Did you know that you can use a steam locomotive for cooking meals? Watch as everything from grilled cheese sandwiches to pizza are prepared in the firebox!

Train trivia is tested with the Hyce crew, often with hilarious results.

Follow the real-world adventures of Hyce as he visits places like the Colorado Railroad Museum and East Broad Top Railroad.

Hyce shows you his approach to composing blues and rock music befitting railroading.

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